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prof. Roman Zgłobicki (1937-2010) – educator, writer, historian history, an expert on creativity of the composer Olivier Messiaen.

Roman Zgłobicki was associated with Zgorzelec since 1962, when he started to work after the period of study in the former mining pilot. He was an educator who never disregarded the interests of his students. With and for the students, he founded a group of history, whose responsibilities included the collection of materials and documentation about the POW camp and military cemetery of Soviet soldiers. 1967 the city gave to the students the administration of the care for the camp and war graves. Due to at that time arised collections and the made contacts with Stalag prisoners of war from Europe and other continents were created unique, invaluable documents and monographs on the POW camp and military cemeteries in Zgorzelec. Until today, they provide invaluable source material , the best reference work on Stalag VIIIA.

In 1973 on the basis of collections of Professor Zgłobicki and his students a Chamber of National Remembrance was established at the energy and mining college of technology, which was dedicated to the Stalag VIIIA. This implementation contributed directly to the fact that a monument was erected on the site of the former POW camp, and that there collected souvenirs and unique documents about the Stalag earned  great interest and contributed better knowledge of the topic. This collection served the Professor as source material while writing a comprehensive monograph on the camp and military cemeteries in Zgorzelec, in which he published his very detailed research results, based on interviews, meetings, documents and extensive correspondence with the French, Belgians, Americans, Israelis, Russians and Serbs.


Author: Renata Burdosz

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